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       Training and Development


Building skills , CV and opportunities with your work experience. Most work experience can and will be done remotely. 

Students will be assessed on which work experience will be suitable for them. The list includes almost any sector using the digital Marketing sector as an umbrella way with working most distance work experience options. 

Students using work experience such as photography, influencers, digital Pharmacy, performance arts, Scrum Master, Digital Marketing, gaming empowerment careers and almost anything you are passionate about gaining he work experience you need.

Who is this course for?  Anyone looking to gain work experience for their CV, Career and development.

The work experience course requires no prior qualifications or experience.

Career Path: 
Any job that requires the work experience you need to progress to the next stage in your career.

Reviews: Stay tuned while we update our amazing reviews.

Cost: £500

Duration: 6 weeks

Register: email

2) Adaptive Empowerment Teaching Course:


Knowing the basics of helping disengaged students or students looking to redirect themselves in a positive productive way.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn the core principles in changes in mood and behaviour.

-Understand how to adapt to students needs

- How to create engaging sessions

- Create an overall positive experience for the student 

- Challenge the student while understanding balance


  • Topic- Adaptive Empowerment teaching

  • Content- 

  • A) Connecting with students

  • B) Listening to students goals

  • C) Create an adaptive lesson plan

  • C+) Use point system for assessment and understanding behaviour 

  • D) Think out of the box with current and future plans for the student 

  • E) Working with low attention span students 

  • D) Rewarding students and self rewarding concepts

  • Learning hours- 6 hours

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to support students. Coaches, support workers, Teacher Assistants, Teachers, Educational Psychologist, schools, colleges, universities, parents and Pupil Units.

Requirements: There are no prior requirements to take this course.

Course hours: 6 This is a face to face seminar.

Cost: £50

registration or enquiry:

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